It’s time for the battle of the sexes. Who should win? Riyaz Aly, or Arishfa Khan? It’s up to you.

Arishfa Khan vs Riyaz Aly: We rate the best TikTok star

On the one hand we have Riyaz Aly, who is an Indian actor, influencer, fashion blogger and TikTok star. He is primarily known for posting his lip-sync videos on popular app TikTok. Born on 14 September 2003, he completed his schooling from Shri Hanuman Mandir Dharamshala (SHMD) in Jaigaon, Bhutan. The actor rose to fame after he started posting comic, lip-sync or musical videos on famous app TikTok. He has even earned the valuable title of Crowned TikTok muser. He has millions of followers on his Instagram account from all over the world, and they love his chocolate boy looks, amazing videos and amusing talents. His social media intelligence is more than most and he knows exactly how to tap into audiences’ pulse in the right manner.

Arishfa Khan is one of the quintessential parts of the Indian television circuit. She has starred in many shows like Veera, Uttaran, Meri Durga and Fear Files, as a child actress. Her name as an actress has been established quite well. And now she has started making a name for herself as a youtuber and a social media influencer, and it is working. She has fans all over the world, especially in India. So in this particular battle, her credentials are not something one can easily overlook.

We know we aren’t making it any easier. But, who does your vote go to?

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