Gurpreet Bedi who is shooting for The Socho Project, the first-ever musical web-series gets into a conversation with

I have a beautifully conceived character to play in The Socho Project: Gurpreet Bedi

Gurpreet Bedi the talented model and actress debuted on TV with Laut Aao Trisha and went on to be part of shows Shapath, Dil Hi Toh Hai. She is presently shooting for The Socho Project, the first-ever musical web series made by Abhigyan Jha and Mrinal Jha.

On her views about The Socho Project, Gurpreet answers, “The Socho Project aims to evoke a sense of awareness with regards to the struggles of new comers in the music industry. In my view, broadly, I think independent artists need support and should be recognized purely on the basis of their talent and that is exactly what this web series mirrors. It is the first ever musical web series and I am sure that it will amass a lot of appreciation.”

Talking about her character in the series, she states, “In the show I am playing the character of‘ Mitali – a super-strong, independent investment banker by the day and bartender by night. These are two professions that ideally one would never imagine mixing but Mitali is a ‘mixologist!’ She seems to be a career focused woman who admires her boss Sabeer and will go to no bounds to help him out.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey with the web space by playing Mitali especially because of the brilliant cast members associated with The Socho Project and our director Abhigyan Jha. Through this web series I stand a chance to play a beautifully conceived character by Abhigyan and Mrinal Jha and I am happy they chose me for it. I have learnt some new things along the way, especially how to juggle bottles behind the bar and that is something I can now show off at my house parties! (smiles).”

On the cast, Gurpreet avers, “In my opinion, when a bunch of talkative, funny, sarcastic and (not to forget) talented people come together, work becomes more like a party! We shot consecutively for long hours but just because we kept each other entertained, there was more fun and lesser whining. We sung both on-camera and off-camera both and refused to leave our characters even when the cameras were off. That was the camaraderie we shared among us.”

On the uniqueness in the web projects, Gurpreet exclaims, “’I believe web space gives more freedom to experiment as it finds its own niche audience. Also, there is less pressure involved as compared to television because you are not time-bound or worried about next day telecast which means more creative freedom, better timelines and finer quality.”

On her bold stance in the song Shameless Warrior, she quips, “Not only the last stance, in fact the whole song is all about woman empowerment. The last stance (spoken word) is written after all the bold and spear-headed women out there are setting out a message that they live as they please even if it ought to be at the cost of breaking ties with their surroundings. It appreciates a strong, fierce woman and motivates her to hold an independent position for herself. The track sets a narrative of shattering the glass ceiling and unlearning all the norms that the society sets for a woman. Composers and singers Vedica Jha and Sonya Heller have done a fantastic job putting the song together and I had a momentous time shooting the song along with Donal Bisht and Lopa Mudra Raut.”

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