The new Zee5 series Posham Pa is what you should Binge watch this weekend.

Binge-watch this weekend: Posham Pa

Zee5 has once again come up with another psychological thriller digital movie Posham Pa. The plot and the characters in this movie are directly inspired by the real-life serial killer Seema Gavit and Renuka Shinde. These culprits were half-sisters inspired by their mother Anjana Gavit to enter the crime world. Their mother persuaded the siblings to kidnap children and force them to beg or steal. Later they used to kill the children after their work was done.

The mother and the siblings were arrested in 1996. Angana Gavit died in the jail in 1997. The siblings are not facing the death sentence for killing at least 5 kids. If just the summary of the series such a thrill to read, then we can guarantee the amount of thrill in the movie is much more. The reviewers have compared this movie to American crime movies and shows. The lead actresses Mahie Gill, Sayani Gupta, and Ragini Khanna, in the movie have also done a wonderful job.

Here is the trailer of the digital movie you should surely watch. Just through the trailer, you will get to know the thrill in the movie. Watching this trailer will get you excited and we suggest you Binge watch the movie this weekend.

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