Nia Sharma who will be seen in ZEE5 series Jamai 2.0 gets into an exclusive conversation with

The brand of Jamai Raja has gotten bigger with Jamai 2.0: Nia Sharma

Nia Sharma and Ravi Dubey are sure to raise temperatures with their sizzling chemistry in the upcoming ZEE5 series Jamai 2.0.

Jamai 2.0 as we know is the sequel to the television version Jamai Raja which beamed on Zee TV and had a great and successful run. The show ran for nearly 3 years.

The Jodi of Siddharth and Roshni, played by Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma was loved and adored by the masses, so much so that even today, the fan base continued to keep the Jodi trending.

With the brand being back with the same popular characters put in a completely new setup and story line, the viewers will get to see a revenge thriller drama at its best!!

We at got into an exclusive conversation with Nia Sharma who opened up in a candid way.

Says Nia, “Roshni in 2.0 is very unlike her TV personality. She is more outgoing in terms of her style and clothing. She remains the same grounded girl; she’s positive and is no reflection of her rich mom DD.”

“Jamai 2.0 is a fresh story; they have only used the brand and the three characters. That’s about it. Roshni is today’s girl who believes in love. She is firm about what she wants. She is independent,” Nia adds.

Ask Nia about the idea of using the TV brand show and converting it into a series for the web platform and she avers, “I had said a yes at the very word of it. I did not even listen to the story or know about my role. The best part is that your own brand comes back on a bigger and larger scale. We get to ride on the same popularity that Ravi and I were enjoying back in the year 2015. We won so many Jodi awards in that time. I am so glad to be back on this bandwagon of Jamai Raja.”

Is there an aorta of Aaliya Mukherjee of Twisted in Roshni? “No way!! Not at all. Aaliya Mukherjee was her own brand, her own identity. Only Twisted 3 can get her back and no other series can get her back.”

The fans have kept the Jodi of Sid and Roshni alive for all these years. What do you have to say about it? “They have been amazing. They have been putting up videos and pictures of the Jodi all over again on instagram from the time the news broke out. The fans have kept the love for the brand alive. It is very difficult for a Jodi to come back to reprise the same characters and get into a different story line. Ravi also had gone into a different phase, with his hosting. He had refrained from doing a TV show again. So seeing all of it, it was very difficult to bring back this Jodi. But hats off to Ashvini Yardi who has made it happen.”

On what to expect from Jamai 2.0, Nia shares, “It is a thriller revenge story. Viewers can expect lot of romance, which the trailer promises of course. I will not touch upon the story line as of now. It will come up with its own kind of twists and intrigue. It is a 10 episodes story and anyone can binge watch it in 3 to 4 hours time.”

Ask her about the Roshni – DD chemistry and she quips, “That remains the same here too. The mother and daughter were always at loggerheads, and remain the same way even now.”

On Ravi and her chemistry in the series, she exclaims, “It is so way better than what we did earlier. It is not that our romance was any less talked about earlier. But now, we are thicker as friends, both off screen and on screen. Ravi and I share a great camaraderie and there is so much comfort in what we do and don’t do in a scene together. Everything has come out so very well. Working on web was something really special. Ravi and my scenes have been so very well treated. We were very comfortable with each other.”

Nia Sharma has also adapted to very minimal make-up in Jamai 2.0 “It was one amazing transformation. Earlier, when I played Aaliya Mukherjee or any other character, I have used make up a lot. But here, makeup has been minimal and I used to get ready in half an hour. The Director did an amazing job with our characterizations and I feel I look way better than I have ever looked on screen.”

Roshni will now be compared to Aaliya Mukherjee. Has there been a fear in you to face this challenge when viewers rate your performance? “Not at all. Roshni and Aaliya Mukherjee are two different identities altogether and cannot be compared. Aaliya is a brand in itself and came with an agenda and plan. She was all power and an entity in herself. Roshni is not powerful; she is a girl next door who is pretty and naïve. She looks for love. She is out there to win people and not play the power game. Roshni is more vulnerable and harmless while Aaliya Mukherjee was harmful and went for the kill.”

What lies next for Nia Sharma? “I will sign something pretty quickly and will not wait for long. I cannot sit at home and will want to get back to work and to the vanities.”

Are you ready to get back to TV? “Anything is fine for me, given that they respect me and give me what I deserve. They need to give me the kind of treatment that I deserve and a role in which I can challenge myself.”

Best of luck, Nia Sharma!!