Gone are the days when YouTube stars were only known in the virtual world. With the solid boom of social media and influencers, YouTube stars will soon become the new Bollywood.

Carry Minati: The Carry Minati with an X-Factor CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar)

“Toh Kaise Ho Aap Log”

Carryminati is the YouTube Channel of Ajay Nagar, where he posts videos roasting, ranting people and of commentaries. He currently has over 6.4 million subscribers with a total of 600 million views.

Carryminati is known for his funny and sometimes quirky videos on YouTube. He has been making videos since he was 8. He had many different channels but a couple of years ago, he got focused on one channel, where he thought he would grow his audience. It began with a school kid playing video games trying to make his friends laugh by mimicking/roasting someone, it still is pretty much the same only difference is he does this full time now.

CarryMinati is today the fastest growing YouTube channel. Ajey Nagar’s channel was first named CarryDeol on which Ajey used to comment in the voice of Sunny Deol while playing video games. Although Minati means Prayer in the Telugu language when asked about the meaning of his channel in an interview, he did not specify any reason. And said that just because someone suggested this name on Facebook, he liked the name and Kept it.

ROASTING BB KI VINES is his first video that crossed the figure of 1 lakh views. In this video, Ajey roasted Indian YouTuber Bhuvan Bam.

Ajey has also tried singing and a few of his songs are uploaded on his YouTube channel Like Trigger, Byepewdiepie, Charas Ganja.

Though he has a lot of problems due to copyright strikes at the beginning, receiving three whole strikes from Bhim Narula and more such strikes, he stayed strong during this difficult time and also with the support of his fans he was able to get his video back.

Ajey’s journey is very commendable. He came a long way in such a short period of time.

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