Model, influencer, and a TikTok star Vishal Pandey is a 21-year-old boy who started his career single-handedly by making videos on TikTok and has come a long way with 14 million fans from across the globe.

Vishal Pandey is also a member of the famous trio, “Teen Tigada” which is known for its fun and delightful content. Zee Music has constantly been working with him for their high-budget music videos. The highest traction was seen in the song, “Rula Ke Gaya Ishq” with 123 million views. Vishal has been featured in the songs, ‘Mera Bhai’, ‘TikTok’, ‘Rula Ke Gaya Ishq’, ‘Tu Bhi Roega’, ‘Tumaari Yaad Aayi’ and ‘Rang Barse’ too.

On talking about the debate on TikTok Vs YouTube, “Yes, there is a debate going on but I think that Content is Content and it does not change or lose its value because of a platform. Content always speaks for itself, no matter which platform it belongs to. I don’t think that there is a dearth of original content on TikTok because TikTok has so much of original content that people keep sharing it on WhatsApp as well, TikTok content is refreshing and it can do that in 15-20 seconds or in a minute as well.”

On sharing about his persuasion on ads content creating, “I highly believe that making good content comes from observation and understanding your audience so every time I sit down to make new content, the night before that I watch my previous content again, I read the comments, views and do my analysis. I also check what other content are people enjoying online in general. So, after doing my research, I write down my ideas in a book and I try to create a bank of 15-20 ideas at least before I shoot.TikTok has taught me that the most powerful thing one can do to achieve their dreams is by being consistent and never giving up.”