Hiten Tejwani who makes his digital debut with Eros Now Quickie series The Investigation talks about his experience on the digital space and on his role.

Creative satisfaction prompts actors to turn to web platform: Hiten Tejwani

Talented thespian Hiten Tejwani, who debuted on the web platform with Eros Now Quickie web-series The Investigation, feels creative satisfaction pulls actors to come to the digital platform.

“I think there is creative satisfaction for every actor when it comes to web-series. Hence they are attracted towards the platform. The shoot happens mostly in real locations. We work on our character more. There are more real situations. The best part is that it is a short format. Also you can binge-watch anytime,” says the actor.

He further adds, “I won’t say that web is taking over TV. However, audience only want to see web-series now as they have access to phone. I think our parents and grandparents will still watch TV. There will always be a competition between TV and web. People who can’t do TV because of lot of restrictions choose web. Majority of actors are doing web as it is also shot as a film.”

Talking about his series, he shares, “The Investigation doesn’t have any unnecessary scene to pull audience. It is a content based story which will keep audience glued with its drama. I have never played the role of a cop on-screen. He is not a regular cop. There is a certain perception in people’s mind about the cop being a good man. However, here the cop is honest but he gets trapped in one of the cases and how he gets out of the entire situation is what the series is all about. The character is very complex and has a lot of shades to it.”

On picking up roles on TV, he avers, “I am doing Tantra for the time being. I am looking for different kind of roles now. I am happy doing such characters which give me freedom. I can balance it out and work accordingly.”

Way to go, Hiten!!

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