Ashmyrrah Singhh who is part of Netflix’ Hasmukh gets into a candid conversation with

I am eagerly waiting to see the response to my role in Netflix’ Hasmukh: Ashmyrrah Singhh

Ashmyrrah Singhh who was earlier seen in Sony TV’s Jaat Ki Jugni will be making her web debut with the upcoming Netflix series Hasmukh directed by Nikkhil Advani’s Emmay Entertainment.

Ashmyrrah will be seen opposite the talented actor Vir Das.

Says the actress, “This is a very interesting role wherein I am seen teasing Vir Das in the series. My character is bold, yet with a funny take. All through the series, my character will be seen going behind Vir’s character.”

“It is exciting to be part of such a big series, on a huge platform as Netflix, that too of a big name like Nikkhil Advani. I will love to see the response to this role that I have played. I will want to do such roles again, wherein there is a mix of comedy as well as the boldness in character,” says the actress.

Ask her whether she will be fine with an overdose of the bold factor and she states, “I will be fine if the sex factor will be linked and required in the storyline. If you see Hasmukh, the scenes are so very well-shot with Nikkhilji giving me all the confidence to play the role. There is no extra bed scene apart from what the script demanded, and this is the best part of my track.”

Going ahead, Ashmyrrah will want to be part of realistic shows doing roles that are message provoking. “I am also writing a script in my free time which is based on a realistic ambience. I will love to be part of shows that the around rape and modern sensitive issues which will be message-driven.”

The newcomer actress will want to get back to TV again, but for a small time commitment role. “The future for me seems to be the web. I am waiting for people to take notice of me in Hasmukh.”

Way to go, Ashmyrrah!!



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