I am enjoying playing Lord Shiv onscreen: Kushal Punjabi

Kushal Punjabi talks about his web series experience and his stint of playing Lord Shiva on screen

I am enjoying playing Lord Shiv onscreen: Kushal Punjabi

Handsome and amazingly talented Kushal Punjabi is having a whale of time playing the guest character of Lord Shiv in Star Bharat show Kya Haal Mr Paanchal.

“The best part of this character is that it is not like your normal mytho, hence I accepted it.  Although he is God, he has a very distinct human side to him; he is funny, nice and noble.  And interestingly, when I put on the costume, I really feel empowered,” shares Kushal with IndianWikiMedia.

He further says, “Also it does not take too much time as I shoot only for a few days.  Having said that, it’s quite an important character that solves the problems of the family members. Interestingly he can only be seen by the mother Kuni Dev and son Kanhiya.  He will now make any entry during the upcoming karva chauth and Diwali tracks.”

Kushal says he is careful about playing Shiva on screen. “I make sure I stand upright and have the right composure.” Here he adds that many years back he had done Shiv Ka Tandav for Ek  Se Badkaar Ek which is viewed till date online.

Talking about the show’s concept of a man having five wives he says, “We should not make too much of it as this is fiction and don’t we show man marrying robot or women sleeping in royal saris?  And most importantly we have not shown Shivji telling the man to have fun with five women, rather this is lesson for his mother who was greedy for a bahu with all qualities. He enjoys a very good equation with Kunti Devi as she is a big Shiv bhakt.”

Ask him if we can expect a show where we can have a modern Draupadi and he says, “Keeping in mind cultural and religious sensibilities, if ever such a concept is made, it will have to be shown in a positive manner.  The way things are evolving, we might come to point where we can make such kind of shows.  The public needs to come around to accept that people don’t make fiction content to hurt anyone.”

After getting good response with his first short film The Gift, (director and actor), this good looking dancer cum actor is now writing an interesting web series.

“Here I must thank SonyLIV for having given me a chance to make a show reel.  It is very tough for an actor to get a break as writer and director. No one will just give me a 10 cr film out of the blue.  But now I have something which I can take to big people in the industry and ask for chance to showcase my skills. Hope for the best.”

We wish Kushal all the best.

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