Chandrika Dixit, popularly known as ‘Vada Pav Girl’ has attained fame by selling Vada Pav, which is a Maharashtrian dish, on the streets of Delhi. The ordinary girl, who turned into an overnight star with her success, has now entered the Bigg Boss house as one of the contestants of Bigg Boss OTT 3, which is being streamed on Jio Cinema.

Chandrika had got into an exclusive conversation with, before she entered the house.

Read on.

How do you feel bagging a ticket to Bigg Boss OTT after winning credibility as the Vada Pav girl?

I am nervous as well as excited. I am nervous for the sake of my family and business. I am excited as I have bagged the opportunity to do something new and different.

How do you want your popularity to grow with the journey of Bigg Boss OTT?

When the game goes live, I want to show people what Chandrika Gera Dixit is all about. I believe only 1% or 2% of the people watching the show will know about me before the show. I want all to see and know more about me. Also, this is a chance that I have got to prove to the world who I am in real life. People who think I have an attitude will get to know the real me through the show.

What are your preparations like for the show?

I don’t want to plan and enter the house. I want to play the game rather than go inside with a predetermined plan.

How good are you at making friends? What will your game plan be for the show?

If a person sits with me for 5 to 10 minutes and talks to me, I am pretty confident that he will like me.

Anil Kapoor hosting Bigg Boss OTT 3. What do you expect of this season?

I will try never to get scolded by Anil Sir. I want to dance once to the tune of ‘Dhinadhin Dha’ before him (smiles).

What are your expectations from this show?

I expect to come across as the actual ‘me’ to the layman. How Chandrika will deal with people, I want people to see. Anger, fear, love, and care are human emotions that are prevalent in all. Where there will be love, I will shower love. Where there is no love, I want the actual reason for it to come out. I hope all of my emotions and reasoning are shown clearly.

There are a lot of social media influencers in this edition. Do you feel the heat being from the same league?

We are all human beings, first of all. So all is fine, and I am ready to surge ahead.

What do you want to achieve for yourself with this show?

I want the trophy for my son. I can visualise a day with my son and the trophy. I have a lot of dreams, and I want to get out of the house with the trophy so that I fulfil all of them. If a mother has left behind her three-year-old son to play this game for two months, that means I will play for my son. When I go out of the house, I intend to grow my business to big levels.