From a nobody on Bandra’s Hill Road to one of the top 10 TikTokers in the world, Faisu is a force to reckon with.

Faisu: The New Internet Sensation

The thing about the Internet and Social Media that has made it so popular is the fact that anyone can become a part of it and anyone can gain popularity if they manage to do something even remotely different.

Since the Internet and Social Media boom and telecom companies providing more than sufficient data packs, countless apps have been added to the iOS and Android app stores. One such app that gives users an opportunity to rise to fame and become influencers is TikTok.

Twenty four year old Fasial Shaikh, aka Faisu, is one such Indian who has truly capitalized on this aspect. Faisu has gathered an audience of a whopping 21 million followers. The staggering number of followers has made him one of the biggest names on Indian social media and has earned him a spot in the top 10 TikTokers across the globe!

Faisu: The New Internet Sensation

TikTok is the app where teens and adults alike go to dance to their favorite and trending tunes and share it with others. Such is the craze for this app that when news of it being shut down was reported, people were actually heartbroken. While it’s a way for many to kill time, it is a stress buster for some others. And for so many others, it is a platform for exploring and showcasing their talents. The appeal of the platform lies in the fact that you don’t need a Bollywood background to become a star. Mr. Faizu is proof that mere talent will earn you an unimaginable amount of following.

Mr. Faisu is a humble Mumbai University graduate and yet, if someone was to spot him walking down the street, they wouldn’t hesitate to ask him for his autograph. He even has a massive following of 5.6 million on Instagram. His ever increasing popularity have started getting him advertisement offers.

His journey from soliciting customers on Bandra’s Hill Road to being chased by advertisers is surely Bollywood worthy!

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