In conversation with Clinton Cerejo and Bianca Gomes, who form the pop band – Shor Police.

Our idea is to create our own compositions and package pop like it’s never been heard before: Shor Police, Pop Band

Singer-composer, Clinton Cerejo, needs no introduction. Besides lending his velvety voice to numerous hit film numbers, Clinton has earned his stripes as a consummate music composer, arranger and producer too. Bianca Gomes is an accomplished singer, adept at crooning peppy numbers as well as soulful renditions with equal prowess.

Clinton Cerejo, in collaboration with Bianca Gomes, has formed a pop band named Shor Police.

Here, the duo speaks to us about working together, what makes them click and more.


How was Shor Police formed?

We both have been audio professionals in the media industry for years now. And we have always been confined to a script, whether it’s for an ad or film. But Indie music is different. It’s a blank canvas and what you want to say as an artist really becomes important. We wanted to write material in the pop- dance genre that people would enjoy listening to, which was relatable and fun. It is very contemporary and yet has all the basics of solid song writing.

How different was it to collaborate as a band after singing for Bollywood movies?

There’s definitely a lot more freedom when you’re not writing for someone else. You really have a chance to showcase your individuality and identity as a band. However, we both love working on film music as well, because honestly, in terms of reach, there’s nothing bigger than Bollywood. But that is slowly been changing over the last five years and we want Shor Police to be at the forefront of that change.

What was the motto behind forming the band?

Again, just to write, feel good music. The idea was to incorporate our unique individual styles into our compositions and package pop like it’s never been heard before.

What does music mean to you both?

We both come from the viewpoint that music is a gift that few people are blessed to have. To have the opportunity to touch people through music is such a powerful tool to possess. We generally try to listen to music that inspires us and we try and write music that does that for people too. Music should also not be an end in itself but rather become the medium through which you can both experience and express life itself.

Have you had any creative differences?

Most of the time, we’re on the same page. Maybe that’s because we’ve been working together for years now, so we understand each other’s sensibilities. But even if we do see things differently sometimes, we trust each other’s instincts enough to consider an alternate point of view. Of course there are disagreements now and then but I guess healthy tension is what sometimes makes the music better.

Describe life before and after Shor Police?

I think Shor Police has a lot to do with answering the question – What kinda music do we feel like making at this point in time? Well, we’ve been working together for years on different projects.

Coke Studio was where it began, and it was followed by several film projects like English Vinglish, Kahaani 2, Teen, 3 Storeys, as well as properties like The Dewarists, and TED Talks India. Ananthaal with Vijayprakash was also a project we enjoyed working on together. Shor Police came as a natural progression to all the collaborative work we have already done. It is also a departure from the strong fusion sound that The Clinton Cerejo Band as well as Ananthaal and Clinton’s Coke Studio compositions have all been associated with. It’s unapologetic mainstream pop and the response has been super.

Tell us a bit about your association with Qyuki Digital?

It’s really motivating for artists to be supported by people who believe in their music. And Qyuki don’t just believe, they are a rare breed in this industry, of people who actually put their money where their mouth is. That’s hard to find and as a band we feel truly happy to have them working closely with us.

Anyone you idolize in your domain?

We honestly love Charlie Puth, Dua Lipa, Zedd, Martin Garrix and so many young musicians who are doing such stellar work in this genre. It is a motivation to get into the studio and write contemporary pop when you listen to some of the stuff these guys are doing, because they are always pushing the envelope.

How do you keep yourself updated as a performer?

We always keep ourselves in the loop on what’s new on the charts. It helps us to stay current and connected to what’s in sonically. Yet, we love also tapping into our retro roots and bringing shades of that into our music as well, because for your listeners what matters most is authenticity.

When not busy working…how do you unwind?

Bianca: Netflix and a lot of baking in my spare time.

Clinton: Love just spending time with my family and also reading a good book. PS4 too is high on my list and also updating my food blog, whenever I get the mental headspace.

Any final thoughts for your fans

Thank you to all our fans for the support for this new project of ours. We’re looking forward to bringing you more exciting material that we’ve been working on. And it's all coming your way real soon, so keep checking out our social media handles. We love all of you and can’t wait for you to hear what’s been cooking.

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