Tanuj Virwani who started his Bollywood career with Luv U Soniye not only looks to grab challenging and differentiated roles, but also tries his level best to look different with respect to his look.

Tanuj recently put up a stunningly different look picture on social media which left us baffled.

The bearded and unrecognizable look is for his upcoming web-series for a big platform titled Kamathipura.

Says Tanuj, “Web offers us actors with the opportunity to do challenging roles. It is fun to don different shades of characters.”

Talking on his recent work, Tanuj states, “I am not allowed to talk much about the series. All I can say is that it is about the life in the place Kamathipura, which is literally a city on its own inside Mumbai. We did a lot of research on the kind of people residing there, and on various attributes of the place. The place is known for s*x trafficking, drug mafia, and above all for its internal politics. The series is a dark thriller and the best part is that I have never donned such a look before.”

Tanuj Virwani has had a great time in the web ecosystem with well-etched roles in Inside Edge, Poison, Code M (upcoming).

Tanuj stresses on the need to explore as an actor with respect to variety in roles as well as the physical appearance. “For Poison, I had a slightly pushed back hairline. It is important to constantly keep evolving with respect to the physical appearance too. Apart from Inside Edge and Poison, I will be seen in different kind of roles in Code M and Kamathipura.”

Way to go, Tanuj!!