In conversation with digital star Niharicka Singh aka Captain Nick…

Initially, fewer views on my video used to de-motivate me: Niharicka ‘Captain Nick’ Singh

Popular female content creator on YouTube, Niharicka Singh, who is also known as Captain Nick has come a long way in her journey replete with ambition, hard work and perseverance.  The girl started her career as an intern in Radiocity 91.1 FM, for the breakfast show (Kasa kai Mumbai) and now she rules on social media platforms with her quirky content.

In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz, Niharicka shares her idea behind her YouTube channel, challenges, inspiration and more…

How did the thought of creating a YouTube channel come to your mind?

I was working at a radio station and simultaneously I used to make Dubsmash videos too, which my friends loved watching. They used to encourage me to put my videos on YouTube and start my own channel. I gave a thought and then started my own channel and now I am trying to entertain people with my weird sense of humor.

My video topics were really unique. Initially, the response was not that good but later audience started acknowledging and enjoying my videos.  The positive response motivated me. I hope people are liking my work and yes, I am always open to suggestions from my followers and fans.

So did initial less numbers of views de-motivate you?

It did, I wondered what was missing and contemplated to stop uploading altogether. But my friends were the constant motivators in my life. Later, I had a big family in form of my followers to appreciate my videos and performance, so I am really happy. I create something unique in my video every week so that audiences enjoy them. I started doing make-up challenges video in parody format which was never explored not even by an international performer. I was given the name ‘mataji’ by fans so I know that I have huge number of people to support me.


What challenges did you face in your journey and how did you overcome them?

I pursued Masters in Journalism. I saw the work profile of a journalist but I didn’t like it. But I had decided to enter the entertainment industry. Later, I joined Radiocity but I was working with a different team. I wanted to be an RJ but my colleagues warned me that it will take time to reach that stage. I decided to quit and start my channel. It was very difficult to make my parents understand about what I was planning to do. It was tough to tell them how I will earn money. It took me one and half year to build proper channel with good number of subscribers.

Interesting and inspiring…so who is the real Niharicka Singh?

I am absolutely what audiences see me in my videos. I have been told by people who have seen my videos and met me in person that I am exactly like what I am in my videos, which I think is my USP too. I was very notorious as a child. My mom was often called for a parent-teacher meeting (smiles).  But I have always had a creative mind. I used to imitate my parents too in front of my relatives.

How did the name Captain Nick crop up?

My brother and I sat one day to decide on the name of the channel. I wanted the name Nick, for that reflected my true identity.  My friends call me Nick. My brother told me to add Captain and I found it really cool so that’s how I got the name Captain Nick.

Finally, any tips for upcoming YouTubers?

I would suggest them that if you have certain ideas in your mind then go for it and create your channel. You need proper ideas for your content, camera set up and confidence to act in front of it. If you are passionate enough then start it and if not then don’t waste your time.

Well said, Nick!

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