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Internet will be the bigger medium in future than TV or movies: Angry Prash

Prashant or Angry Prash as the nation knows him today is first of his kind Indian animation YouTuber. An average schoolboy whose immediate goal was to secure the first position in his class, Prash understood very early in life that to get attention, one has to be on top. Prash is an engineering dropout and an outstanding animator. His Failures didn’t stop him and the numbers corroborate to the love and affection that he has been showered with.

Prash began his journey on YouTube in a totally different way, one that is not known to many. Prash began posting CAD tutorial videos on his channel which did exceedingly well but was shut down by copyright strikes. Even though he was disheartened, he didn’t let failure stop him and was rather motivated by it even more. He went on to create another channel where he posted animation videos using simply MS-Paint and which were recorded and edited in Vegas Pro. The channel Angry Prash has videos that are not just mere ranting but one that voices an opinion, which gave him an edge over others and bam! Angry Prash touches 50k mark in no time.

Prash’s content was valued by people and it led to the rise of one of the most loyal fanbases YouTube has ever seen. Prash started making money off YouTube and decided to give up on his engineering and focus completely on the hustle and the ever increasing competition.

Prash’s Angry Prash channel is ever increasing and has currently 2.8M subscribers. Angry Prash is literally an all-rounder; a gamer, a rapper, a YouTuber and now he is onto his next venture. Prash’s own new web series is also under production right now and is expected to create a stir in the industry.

In an exclusive conversation with, he talks about his journey, the digital platform and more….

How does it feel to be a digital star?

It feels Amazing to be called as a star and  it also gives a lot of responsibilities towards society.

What keeps you motivated in life?

Basically, watching other creators and their content grow keeps me motivated, also the compliments  that I get from people on my videos encourages me a lot to make more and more videos.

How did you think about such content?

As I started doing comedy I wanted to do something different from mainstream comedy in   India. I always felt that if I had to grow rapidly I have to come up with some unique idea. So I started making videos by using Ms Painting animation and created a character using it, then we came up with an idea that let’s make this character a real person and then we finally made a helmet/headgear.

How did your page get the name Angry Prash?

Prash character is a kind of person that gets angry on stupid things that happen in the society, so through this the initial name ‘angry’ was fixed, ‘Prash’ is the initial of my name Prashant.

How have you evolved as a star?

I am not sure if I am yet a star or not, but my confidence improved a lot after meeting new people and creators.

What challenges have you faced in your journey?

Initially, for me my family was the biggest challenge, they were against my YouTube decision, but after some time they started trusting me. At first, I felt a lot of hate from other family members as well because of the strong language I use in my videos. Initially, for my channel, I faced a lot of financial problems for buying a new system and mic but I managed to overcome it and used low-level equipment. Again at the middle phase of my channel, I had to decide whether I should continue my engineering or YouTube, and I finally decided to drop out from my college. So these are the challenges I faced and I guess most of the creators face it.

Who has been your biggest support during your difficult times?

My friends have been the biggest supporters in my life, later on, I met Sumedh founder of NoFiltr, I got signed with them and received lots of love and support. Now my parents are even happy with whatever I am doing with my life.

Anyone you idolize in your domain?

Shah Rukh Khan is my idol. In my opinion there are no words to explain how big living Legend he is.

Ever fancy working for television or movies… or the internet is your preferred choice of medium?

Internet is my preferred choice of medium because I think the Internet will become a much bigger medium in future than television or movies.

How do you keep yourself updated as a performer?

I like to watch content from new creators. Web Series and OTT platform inspire me a lot. And I am even a huge fan of hip-hop.

What kind of content do you love watching on digital?

I like watching comedy and Sci-Fi content.

Any Final Message

For the new creators around the world that are just starting their career, I can only suggest them to never stop experimenting till the arrow hits the perfect target.

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