With the web space gaining popularity, two actors who have been acing their game are none other than Sumeet Vyas and Jitendra Kumar.

Jitendra Kumar vs Sumeet Vyas: Who's ahead in the digital game? 1

While television has a lot of audience and fan-following for decades now, digital space has evolved in the past decade like nothing we have ever seen. With web series and comedy sketches setting a new tone for the youth, there are a few stars who have won over the digital scape with their astounding acting and performances.

You might have come across a lot of posts recently about Jeetu Bhaiya, thanks to The Viral Fever’s series Kota Factory.Jitendra Kumar has attracted a lot of attention presently because of the show and fans have been loving his performances and his dialogue delivery more than anything.Another actor, who has created his own niche in the web space is Sumeet Vyas who was wowed one and all with his acting. Both Jitendra Kumar and Sumeet Vyas were a part of Permanent Roommates, which gained them tremendous online attention and a fan following that has only been increasing ever since.

Jitendra Kumar vs Sumeet Vyas: Who's ahead in the digital game?

Sumeet is a happy go lucky man who is serious about his dealings, while Jitendra is humorous and natural. Both these actors have their own niches but their fame has been quite parallel to one another’s. While the former is loved for his dialogue delivery, latter is known for his timing and presence that lights up the screen!

Ever since then, both have embarked on a successful journey on the online platform, acting in versatile roles, and gaining fans as they go! There cannot be any typical parallelism between the two actors. While Jitendra is ahead in the comedy game, Sumeet is acing it as a serious actor.

Jitendra is all set to return to TVF with their next presentation. Whereas Sumeet has now embarked on a journey in the theatre arts.

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