Ruffles turn out to be the unsung hero of power dressing and Khushi Kapoor who is currently leading headlines with her work in The Archies proved it with a classic fashion toss! Check out below

Khushi Kapoor champions ruffles as a power dressing essential, here’s how Credit: Khushi Kapoor Instagram

Khushi Kapoor just unleashed a style storm on Instagram, proving that ruffles are not just for the fancy soirées but are, in fact, the unsung heroes of power dressing! It’s like she cracked the code and spilled the fashion beans for all of us mere mortals.

In her latest Instagram reveal, Khushi Kapoor didn’t just wear a Dior checkered blazer; she owned it. It’s not your usual blazer affair – she jazzed it up with a black sheer belt that’s like the superhero cape of the outfit.

The ruffle skirt is the true winner

But the real game-changer? The black ruffle, see-through skirt. Now, this isn’t your grandma’s lace – it’s a full-on fashion adventure. Khushi took the traditional idea of power dressing, turned it on its head, and added a generous sprinkle of sass. The checkered blazer paired with the playful ruffle skirt is like the ultimate fashion fusion, proving that rules are meant to be broken, especially in the world of style.

Khushi Kapoor champions ruffles as a power dressing essential, here’s how 872753

Now, let’s talk hair – Khushi went for a mid-parted sleek classic hairbun, bringing back the timeless elegance that we often forget in the chaos of trends. It’s a power move in itself. But that’s not all; she threw in a pearled neckpiece that’s like the cherry on top of a fabulous cake. And let’s not forget the snazzy black handbag – an absolute necessity for conquering the day with style.

Khushi’s look is completed with black shoes, grounding the ensemble and giving it that final touch of power and authority. It’s like she’s telling us, “Hey, I’m here to slay, and so can you!” The whole outfit is a masterclass in balancing classic elements with a modern twist, a signature move of the emerging style icon.