Check to see latest twitter moments of Mr Faisu

Latest Twitter moments of Mr Faisu

Mr Faisu is the new Internet sensation with over 14M followers on Instagram, which actually exceeds some of the Bollywood superstars’ followers count as well. Just two years back he used to loiter around to lure the customer into the shops and earn Rs 50 a day, and now he is one of the popular superstars in the country.

Faisu’s excursion via web-based media started with Dubsmash. He was your normal Bandra guy, finishing his graduation, working as a sales representative on Hill Road and spend time with companions, Team 07, who was originally a biker’s group, he used to make videos with a cell phone at that time. He once said in an interview, “I used to create good content on Dubsmash which was a lot of fun.” He then graduated to “We aced it. If others made five to six videos, we would make 14 or 15 every day,” he said.

Recently with becoming an all-rounder popular star on several social media platforms, he is up on Twitter too, and we can’t help but go gaga over his latest twitter updates. We have lined up some of his few Twitter moments that would bring a smile to your face. Check out.

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