Dhruv from Little Things gives us boyfriend goals with every little gesture for Kavya

This Is Why Little Things’ Dhruv Is The Perfect Boyfriend To Kavya

Popular romance drama Little Things was an instant hit with its simple storyline and relatable characters. The web series features a typical young couple, Dhruv and his bubbly, quirky girlfriend Kavya who live in together. It showcases their everyday life and the all the ‘little things’ that make their relationship perfectly imperfect.

With Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar in the lead, the show managed to strike a chord with the audience simply because of its earnestness and authenticity.
This Is Why Little Things' Dhruv Is The Perfect Boyfriend To Kavya 1
We couldn’t help but relate to Kavya and Dhruv as they try to navigate through their love life. From going on late night cravings to compromising on small things, they are major couple goals. Theirs might not be the perfect relationship but it’s real and that’s what has us hooked to the show!

He would do anything for her
But also let’s talk about Dhruv, the almost-perfect boyfriend. He is the quintessential guy who loves his girl and would do anything to make Kavya smile.
This Is Why Little Things' Dhruv Is The Perfect Boyfriend To Kavya 2
Making her feel special everyday
He makes her feel special with his little gestures towards Kavya. Whether its visiting your girlfriend’s favorite place even though you don’t want to go or cooking her favorite meal when she’s come home tired from work, Dhruv always manages to make Kavya feel loved.
This Is Why Little Things' Dhruv Is The Perfect Boyfriend To Kavya
Taking care of her when she’s sick
It’s Sunday and they’ve got plans. But that all goes down the drain when Kavya falls sick so being the perfect boyfriend that he is, Dhruv takes care of Kavya by pampering her, cooking her stew with some lazy cuddling in bed all day.

Trusts her
Trust is the foundation of any relationship. So when Kavya comes home talks about a guy she met, instead of being an insecure boyfriend and questioning your girlfriend about every guy she meets, Dhruv lets her rant about her day and listens to her without any judgment.

Wouldn’t we all wish for a boyfriend like Dhruv?!

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