Ankit Arora will be seen essaying the role of Vikram in ALTT’s new show, Janu Jaanlewa. It revolves around three main characters: Vikram, his wife Manisha, and his mistress Meera.

Talking about the show, the actor says, “Janu Jaanlewa is an attractive title, and it goes along with our story. This story is about three characters where love itself becomes a threat to love.”

He avers that this is the first time he has picked up such a role and has pushed himself out of his comfort zone. Elaborating more on his character, he speaks, “My character is a normal man who works in a bank and loves his wife very much, but certain circumstances arise and he gets attracted to someone else, and then the trend of the story changes. My look is very basic and simple, like formals and semi-formals.”

He also shares his take on his life as an actor and says that he is blessed to have played so many lives through so many different characters in one lifetime. “An actor should always be ready for every challenge; he should keep himself physically fit and mentally strong. Being an actor requires a lot of patience too. Being an actor enhances our creativity a lot. In one lifetime, we get a chance to live many characters,” he states.

This is the first time Ankit is working with ALTT, and he says that his experience has been great. He adds, “I feel that ALTT pays a lot of attention to the quality of its work; the concept is unique, and the way it tells the story is very beautiful. It doesn’t just pay attention to boldness but also focuses on the story as well, and I am glad that I got a chance to work with them.”