In an exclusive conversation with YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam

The hutiyapa guy, Bhuvan Bam, popularly known by his channel name BB Ki Vines, needs no introduction.

The 24-year-old YouTube sensation creates content regularly and has established a 12 million strong YouTube family. The reason behind his massive popularity lies in his unique writing skills and originality. His sketches resemble many people’s personal experiences and he weaves stories around day to day familiar consequences.

In an exclusive conversation with, he talks about his show, the digital platform and more….

Who is the real Bhuvan Bam…your personality?

Bhuvan Bam is nothing like what you see on the screen. He is a quiet person, yet energetic, who loves to entertain people.

How was your journey? Can you tell us from the beginning…how you started and your struggle period?

My journey was no less than a learning process. My first job was to play music with my guitar at a restaurant. I don’t like calling it a struggle because I was passionate about my craft.

I would love to be the villain who kills everyone in a TV show.

You became a cult figure playing different characters in your vines, so tell us your experience?

I never thought I could play multiple characters in my vines. However, I would like to mention that with practice, I understood the art and I am still trying to polish it.

Who has been the biggest support for you in your career?

Family, friends and the people who follow me on social media have been a great support in my career. I would like to thank them for all the love and support.

The biggest advantage of a digital platform is the transparency.

What makes you different from the other lot of digital stars?

My way of writing, shooting and acting is the only unique thing which differentiates my channel from the others.

What is the biggest advantage of the digital platform?

The biggest advantage of a digital platform is the transparency. You get first hand reviews which you can read in the form of comments. The minute you put your content out on any digital medium, it gets appreciated or criticised.

TV is still being watched in every corner of the country.

Do you have any regrets in life?

No regrets till now.

Will you ever be part of a saas-bahu drama on Indian television?

I would love to be the villain who kills everyone on the show. But yeah, punar-janam is a possibility there.

Tell us about the research that you have done for your vines?

I read a lot, hence most of my content involves current trend discussions. I try to stay updated so that I can write accordingly.

Bhuvan Bam is nothing that you see on the screens.

Do you think Digital will take over the TV medium?

It might or it might not. TV is still being watched in every corner of the country. Digital access still needs to penetrate the TV watching areas.

Do you keep a tab on your competitors?

I am too lazy to watch anyone else’s content because I am unable to meet my own deadlines.

Personally, what type of shows do you like watching on the digital platforms?

Anything that is short and crisp gets my attention. I don’t watch comedy shows. I am a fan of thriller.

Tell us about your talk show?

My talk show ‘Titu Talks’ is about Titu Mama interviewing celebrities. He is a con man who dreams of interacting with famous personalities to get favours out of them. My first guest was Shah Rukh Khan.

What is your next project?

I will be launching a new music video this month followed by another episode of Titu Talks and other ‘BB Ki Vines’ episodes.

Good luck!

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