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TikTok is Seen to become more prominent and attractive amongst the Youngsters. Some stars are ruling the TikTok. So let us see what makes one the star of TikTok Faisu so popular and well known on TikTok.

What Makes TikTok Star Faisu So Popular?

TikTok is so popular that there was an uproar when the Indian lawmakers banned the app for just one day. In fact, the TikTok ban in India in April was one of the biggest headlines in the world of technology. This craze is because the app provides users with a way to not just kill time and release stress but also allows them to showcase and explore their talents.

So Talking about Mr Faisu. The real name of Faisu is Faisal Mudassir Shaikh. He is a Popular superstar on TikTok and is also a well-known model and Fashion Blogger. He has gathered a staggering over 21 million followers on TikTok. In fact, his audience is so extensive, Mr Faisu is one of the biggest names on social media today. He’s even named in the top 10 TikTokers across the world!

Mr.Faisu is mostly recognized by the people due to his puffy, Windswept hairstyle and has many of the fans due to his this style.Mr. Faisu became a recognized name due to his TikTok videos which are really amazing, short and funny. Also, his lip sync videos grab the attention of many of them. The way he makes TikTok videos in a professional way, makes people enjoy it fully with full fun and enjoyment and those videos become viral amongst the people.

A look at his Instagram and you will see why he has gained 7 million followers even there. He’s witty, charming, stylish, inspiring and relatable – sometimes all at the same time! Mr Faisu makes the commoners believe that anyone can gain a massive and enviable following without having Karan Johar as a mentor. He has even the earned the precious badge of Crowned Muser for being an ace TikTok comedian. And is now a crowned “muser.” He has collaborated with various other artists to make amazing videos.

His amazing videos with superb acting and full of humor makes him popular and well known amongst the people.

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