Jitendra Kumar and Naveen Kasturia are two of the most popular faces in the world of online entertainment. Both are well known for their respective performances in the mini-series TVF Pitchers. Furthermore, neither of these skilled and accomplished actors are the conventional filmy heroes that you may have come across. Which is the very reason why we keep going to their web series for more.

Jitendra Kumar is an Indian actor famous for his roles in comedy sketches of The Viral Fever. He has established himself as the superstar of Indian web series world and is widely known for his characters Jeetu bhaiya, Munna Jazbaati, Gittu and Arjun Kejriwal (a parody version of Arvind Kejriwal, Indian politician & Delhi Chief Minister). His natural flair for acting instantly strikes a chord with the audience and keeps them engaged throughout.

He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. Jitendra starred in ‘Munna Jazbaati : The Q-tiya intern’ in 2013 which instantly went viral and crossed 3 million views. Since then, he has portrayed several characters in TVF videos which include ‘Tech Conversations With Dad’, ‘A Day With’ series, TVF Bachelor’s series which crossed a million views, ‘Kota Factory’ and many others.

Apart from TVF videos on YouTube, Jitendra Kumar has played a few significant roles in comedy sketches, movies and web series. He is predominantly famous for his character ‘Jitendra Maheshwari’, a frustrated corporate employee in the web series TVF Pitchers and ‘Gittu’, a confused bridegroom in Permanent Roommates web series.