Between Nidhi Singh and Maanvi Gagroo, the competition for topping the digital game just gets more and more interesting.

Nidhi Singh vs Maanvi Gagroo: Which star tops the digital game

Social media is the blessing of technology that celebrities have utilised over the years with great perfection. Just like we rush to increase our followers on Instagram or Facebook, more followers mean more fame for any celebrity and in this cut-throat competitive world of Bollywood, Television and even the digital space now, fan-following is a must. Currently Priyanka Chopra wears the crown with 42 Million followers. But that does not mean that she cannot be dethroned and we think the digital space has some of the most amazing actors and actresses who could rise up to the occasion.

The small-scale social media game is higher than ever in recent days and here is where the prominent actors like Nidhi Singh and Maanvi Gagroo come in to the picture. Both these actresses at the top of their digital games and it is absolutely amazing to see how they have been entertaining and education millions of viewers with their work in the web space.

If you follow TVF then you really cannot miss both of them and we are sure that their fan-following is actively staying updates with their trends and latest projects. They both have gained significance from their web-series and have scored a few roles in Bollywood as well. Maanvi Gagroo is currently at a whopping 239K followers whereas the Permanent Roommates actress Nidhi Singh is a little far ahead with 291K followers and counting!

Both the web actresses are immensely talented and renowned in their respective fields. It is always a treat to watch either of them performing with the utmost brilliance on the digital space. With not much to separate the two, we wait to see who rises to dominance first and who’s fan following surpasses them all.

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