Eisha Chopra talks about her new web series Official Bhootiyagiri, an Arré Original Series and an MX Exclusive

Official Bhootiyagiri is not about a real ghost but the ghost that we have inside us: Eisha Chopra

Eisha Chopra is a popular digital face best known for her portrayal of Anita Sharma in Dice Media’s What The Folks! Eisha acted in a short in 2014 titled Popcorn. She was also seen as one of the leads in another short film titled Parchchai. She made her Bollywood debut alongside Sonam Kapoor in Neerja essaying the character of Debina, an air hostess. She was also seen as one of the main cast in a TV mini-series titled P.O.W.: Bandi Yuddh Ke. Eisha next featured in web series Bewafaa and Official Chukyagiri Season 2.

Also popular as a writer, Chopra co-wrote a short film titled Clean Shaven in 2016. The film received a lot of positive reviews and was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival 2016. The star was seen playing the character of Jyotsna in a web series titled Bewafaa.

Now, she is back on screen with Official Bhootiyagiri, an Arré Original Series and an MX Exclusive. Official Bhootiyagiri takes off from the end of Season 2 which saw Dilawar Rana being sent to jail. In its third edition, the drama-comedy sees the CEO being offered a ‘get out of jail free’ card with a condition attached. In conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Eisha spoke about her character and more.

How has your experience been working for Official Bhootiyagiri?

We shot Official Bhootiyagiri last year and had a lot of fun while filming the same. We were all returning for season 3 so it was nice to reconnect with each other. I think it was fun shooting for a horror series. Actually, I believe the things which look scary on screen are very funny on set. For example, there was a scene wherein I had to see in the mirror and scream pretending to see something scary. But actually, I was seeing myself and screaming. It was funny instead of scary.

Official Bhootiyagiri is not about real ghost but the ghost that we have inside us: Eisha Chopra

How was your bond with co-stars?

We all are friends. We all keep meeting ach other otherwise also. It’s not that we spend 12-14 hours together but we are part of the same circle so we keep bumping into each other. We are never really out of touch actually. Having said that, there are people who you like and there are people who you like working with and the lucky part is that with this crew, we were all friends on and off-screen.

What has been the challenging part of the project?

I have not faced any challenge. Instead, it was very easy to shoot as our director used a lot of old school horror techniques. Most of the horror scenes in the series are not made by visual effects, they are actually done and created stuff. These things were quite exciting. However, they weren’t difficult for me as I had to show up as an actor. But it was fun to work on this series.

What makes the series a must-watch?

The series is interesting because the concept is not about the ghost. However, it is the ghost that we have inside us and we face it. Season 2 is all about a guy who has an anxiety disorder and how he can’t get out. I play this guy’s wife and our marriage suffers because of his anxiety issues. Now, in season 3, it’s about him going back to his childhood. It is a horror-comedy so it’s funny. Horror as a genre is not there to scare you but to think. Horror is a tool more than the genre.

Are you scared of ghosts in real life?

Yes, I am scared. However, there were no pranks or any sort of thing on our set. Also, my co-stars had better things to do than pulling pranks on me (laughs). We had a lot of fun shooting though. Rather than pulling a prank on each other, we pulled each other’s leg a lot.

What are you doing during the lockdown phase?

I am actually very busy. I am a writer as well so I am writing a film and developing a show. My writing work is continuing. I am thinking ways in which I can reinvent myself. I also started an Instagram show. I am focusing on content and my writing.

What is the first thing that you would do when it lifts up?

I would give somebody a hug.

Final message?

These are very scary times that we are living in, so in continuation of that watch the show and get scared.

Good luck!!

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