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Is Prajakta Koli the Richest? Or Mithila Palkar, the two artists are the top-earning digital stars in India, but let’s find out who is Richer

Prajakta Koli VS Mithila Palkar: Who’s RICHER?

Fans have loved the intimacy and friendship between Prajakta Koli and Mithila Palkar. People have often compared the two according to their fashion choices, popularity and others, but along with that, the two have also set examples of their friendship and bond. With that, there’s also an ongoing toss between the fans, who are willing to know who is richer! Well, we believe the two are absolutely the richest at their hearts, yet we are up with their net worth estimate as of 2020. Read below to know who is Richer!

Prajakta Koli, resplendently known as Mostly Sane, a very well-known YouTuber, and her forte is comedy sketches. And they are absolutely brilliant! Trust us, it is! Her comedy sketches are creative with great innovations and inputs. We find them so relatable every time we roll upon. Here are some of her YouTube videos.

Mithila Palkar, who is always all above the news, with her irresistible fashion looks. She looks absolutely stunning in everything that she wears, especially in saree. She became famous overnight for her brilliant execution on the cup song. The video went viral all over the internet, and she got fame and recognition.

Net worth

As per media reports, Prajakta Koli’s net worth as of 2020 is $27.2K to $435K, whereas Mithila Palkar’s net worth is $300,000.

Now, on the basis of their work genres, the figures can always differ from time to time, so we really find it very absurd to conclude who is richer.

But what are your views? Let us know in the comments below!

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