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Read to know the diet meal plan of Mr Faisu

REVEALED! Simple Diet Meal Plan of Faisu

Faisal Shaikh also is known as Faisu, is an Indian TikTok star and a social media influencer and also a part of team 07. He is likely the most celebrated one amongst them. There are loads of things that his fans love about him, be it his videos or fashion updos.

With that, it is also known that he is a fitness freak and is quite conscious about his health and diet plan. And his well-toned body with those humongous biceps, that most of his fans are always keen to know about his diet plan.

As per reports in media, the eating regimen plan of Faisal Shaikh is divided into five meals a day, he always has a decent eating routine. He additionally drinks a protein shake before hitting the gym. Faisal is a non-vegetarian, so most of his meals do contain non-veg food. He is very fond of chicken dishes, and probably you have witnessed him uploading several non-veg dishes on his Instagram profile. Apart from that he also keeps himself hydrated and drinks a lot of water all throughout the day.

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