Read to know South Korean Singer Jungkook’s Inspirational Journey

Revealed! South Korean Singer Jungkook’s Inspirational Journey

Jeon Jung-Kook is a singer, composer and a lyricist. He is the pivotal member and vocalist of the South Korean K-Pop band, BTS. He did his schooling from Busan. Primarily Jung-Kook had the dream of becoming a badminton player, but later after witnessing G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker on the TV he aspired and urged to become a singer, and likewise, his journey started.

He also auditioned for the South Korean talent show, but though he wasn’t selected he got casting call from different entertainment companies. With time he gained the foothold and become a part of the BTS group. He is the third-most adored celebrity in the world. Youth love watching his shows and videos on YouTube.

He won the award of being the Global Instagrammer at the MTV Millennials Awards. He is a well-known social media influencer as well. His success journey is worth the share and he is a true inspiration for the youth.

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