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Kalki Koechlin has been a national award-winning actress who has been roped in season 2 of sacred games. This actress is playing a crucial role in the second season of the series which was much awaited by its audiences. She bagged the role after an audition.

Sacred Games 2: Here’s how Kalki Koechlin bagged the role of Batya in the series

The female actress is so confident of her capabilities that besides having a successful career in films, she does not refrain herself from giving auditions to prove her acting skills and versatility.

According to the actress, the phone call for the audition of this TV series from the online streaming giants Netflix came as a surprise for her. She has been a spectator to the season 1. She had a call for the audition of the show which she has never anticipated. The call came as a big surprise for her and she was super excited to be the part of the series which has been so much talked about among audiences.

Sharing her personal experience Kalki told that giving audition is quite a refreshing experience for her because in this way the director gets to know if she would be able to play her character well and justify it. She confesses that this role which she has bagged in sacred Games Season 2 is quite different from the role she has done in the past. So, her audition was mandatory to prove her mettle.

According to the actress, for the Hindi films, she doesn’t have to give auditions much time but for international projects, she is quite often into giving auditions and this gives her the confidence to stay grounded.

In season 2 of sacred games, she is playing the character of a girl called Batya. The character is supposedly from a conflicting background where her father is a Jewish French and mother is a Palestinian who left her when she was a teenager.

In her, she transforms from a compulsive drug addict who is a rebellious angry girl 2 to become a follower of Guruji, the character played by Pankaj Tripathi.

According to the actress, in the beginning, the role appeared to be similar to the one she has played earlier but then she realizes the difference from the rest. Also, the actress confessed that during audition she was supposed to interact with Sartaj for the first time in which she has to enact the calm girl having Zen-like energy. But underneath inside her, something fierce was going on and this is what she loves the most during the audition. It was conflicting not on the face but a rebellious in the wraps.

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