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Read to know Sameeksha Sud’s Affairs and Controversy

Sameeksha Sud Lifestyle, Affairs, Controversy Revealed

Sameeksha Sud is an Indian TV entertainer and an exceptionally mainstream Tik Tok star and an actress. She has worked in numerous TV shows since the time she began her journey as an actor. Later, she became famous in TikTok and wowed us with her TikTok videos, largely.


Sameeksha’s fans have linked her with Vishal Pandey and Bhavin quite a multiple time! But she has never confirmed any of these. Read below, what she said herself when asked about it.

“See, it’s very common to link up famous personalities. So, it’s the same case when it comes to Vishal and Bhavin. We make videos together and most of them are romantic so people tend to feel something is brewing between us. I’m okay with all these things because, at the end of the day, our videos are being loved by the audience.” Sameeksha said in an interview with the Spotboye.


Sameeksha Sud was in incredible difficulty a couple of months back when the TikTok was there. One of her TikTok videos had been wrongly deciphered that she was promoting domestic violence and conjugal assault. Sameeksha was getting several hate messages and got abused severely. The star later uploaded a video on her Instagram account clarifying that she didn’t intend to promote any such atrocious acts.

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