In conversation with Anshuman Jha

For me, script is most important – Anshuman Jha

Good looking and talented offbeat film actor, Anshuman Jha (Love, Sex aur Dhoka fame), is the latest to join the digital crest. He is a part of Zee5 show, Babbar Ka Tabbar produced by Mango People Media.

Talking about his sutradhar (narrator) character, Anshuman says, “Jamia represents the large number of terrace-room tenant students who dominate parts of Delhi. He is over-smart, but becomes the bridge between his landlord parents and their millennial kids. This universal theme of generation gap, told in a funny, lighter way, should make you smile. The best part of this show is that it is not your normal digital staple of sex and sleaze. Rather, it is more of a family show, which pushes the envelope, i.e. where the daughter of the family openly talks about sex, something that is not possible on GEC TV.”

He further adds, “If you want to migrate your audience from saas-bahu to web, such kind of massy, but slightly edgy, content is the way forward. Going on the above mentioned other extreme will be a put off. Sadly, very little clean, contemporary digital content is being churned out. The few I like include Mithila Palkar’s Girl in the City.”

Talking about the efforts put in Babbar, he adds: “Here, I wish to add that we did a lot of prep before going on the floor, working on the language and looks of all characters. Although I am a non-smoker, I learned how to puff, so as not to make the scenes look false. The best part is that now I hate fagging even more, for I would end up smelling a lot during the shoot. Last but not the least was the writing and strong characterization. I just loved the simple yet effective plots. If a script touches me in the first narration, I go for it. Full marks to the producers, Neha Anand & Victor Mukherjee and their team.”

Like most of the film ilk, Anshuman is also not very excited about TV. “Post LSD, I have been offered several TV projects. But I turned them down as the script needs to appeal to me. If something interesting comes along the limited space, I might go ahead with it. Right now, I have my hands full with films. I am open to more web stuff as well; but again, the script needs be kickass.”

Way to go Anshuman.

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