Pratibha Ranta talks about her new web series on Voot Select, Aadha Ishq and the complexities in her role.

The interpretation of ‘Aadha Ishq’ is different for all the main characters: Pratibha Ranta on her new Voot series

Pratibha Ranta, who was last seen in Zee TV’s Qurbaan Hua will be seen in a completely different look and role in Voot Select’s upcoming web series, Aadha Ishq. Directed by Nandita Mehra and produced by 24 Frames Media, the series depicts a turbulent love story wherein a mother and her daughter fall for the same man. Playing the central roles in this complex story are Gaurav Arora, Aamna Sharif and Pratibha Ranta.

Pratibha is excited about getting this lifetime opportunity of playing this full-of-life girl by name Rene in the series.

Says Pratibha on the new look she has in the series, “Yes, this is a refreshing look. I used to wear mostly sarees in Qurbaan Hua. The best part about my look here is that I sport short hair. Rene is very child-like, full-of-life, confident and rebellious. She is today’s 18-year old girl. She has her own choices and sees to it that she gets them.”

“The graph of this character takes a 180-degree arc, when from a child-like character, she goes on to have an infatuation which turns into love, later becomes a rebel, where she is so obsessive in love. I got so carried away while playing the varied layers in the character. In fact, all the characters, especially of the mother, daughter and the guy have been written so beautifully that it was enjoyable playing the parts and depicting the varied emotions that they go through,” she states.

In talking about working with Gaurav, Aamna and others, Pratibha states, “It was so exciting to shoot in extremely cold conditions in Kashmir. We also shot at Uttarakhand. In fact, we had a long exterior for my show Qurbaan Hua too in Uttarakhand. So I was missing my older cast and crew too when I was at the same place.”

On the complicated love triangle plot, Pratibha states, “Aadha Ishq, which is the phase where one’s love is not fulfilled, has a different meaning to all the main characters. While for my character, it turns into obsession, for Roma who is the mother, it turns into sacrifice. Hence the meaning of Aadha Ishq is different for every main character in the series.”

Ask her about the ending, and Pratibha gives us a hint, “The ending will be extremely exciting for the audience to watch. It will be an angle that they could not have thought about.”

Ask her about the probability of a Season 2 for Aadha Ishq, Pratibha avers, “I do not know what’s in store. As of now, we are supremely excited to see how this season fares. I am sure it will do well. I really hope a Season 2 happens, as the story will get very exciting beyond a phase. Voot has come up with many thriller series, but this is their first into a complicated love story. So fingers crossed, and we are waiting for all the love to pour from viewers.”

Pratibha who has been communicating with many of her fans, states, “Yes, there are many girls who write to me who are 14 years, 18 years etc. So I think they will enjoy watching this series. Having said this, viewers of every age will connect emotionally with this plot.”

Best of luck, Pratibha!!