From spending weekends on couch to parading clothes in the middle of night, Kavya Kulkarni from Little Things is someone we all can relate to

All the things that make Kavya from Little Things relatable AF

Netflix’s Little Things is the best Indian web series of all times. The story revolving around the lives of a regular couple in a live-in relationship depicts the everyday, mundane things reflecting real life situations. Featuring Mithila Palkar as Kavya aka the girlfriend and Dhruv Sehgal as Dhruv aka the boyfriend, Little Things easily managed to win over everything with its simplicity and honesty.
All the things that make Kavya from Little Things relatable AF
Watching Dhruv and Kavya navigate their love life and balance everything else assured us that we could do it. Late night snack binges, lazy cuddling, fighting and making up – through it all their perfectly imperfect relationship was filled with love and understanding. All their little moments were a delight to watch and gave us major couple goals!

While both their characters were super relatable and real, we have a sweet spot for our very own Kavya, who has a child-like innocence as well as the perfect maturity to take on life as it comes. At some point or the other, you’d look at her and go ‘this is so me’.

She works hard but also loves to laze around during the weekends doing absolutely nothing. A couch potato, just like us! A big foodie that she is Kavya spontaneously drags her boyfriend to her favorite restaurants just because she was craving her favorite dish; we’ve done that too right?
All the things that make Kavya from Little Things relatable AF 1
Now there’s a reason why she has been nicknamed as The Biryani Monster. Just like how we all go to great lengths so we do not have to share our favorite food, Kavya is the same. She loves her biryani and won’t share either.

Kavya is independent, strong, and a little sensitive but also passionate about what she does. She loves her boyfriend fiercely and knows how to maintain relationships. She is every one of us!

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