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Times When Twice Won Our Hearts with These Songs

Twice, one of the best South Korean girl groups, which has amazed and sparked us with their songs and fashion updos. The members are extremely fashionable and talented, and youngsters love them to the core, all across the world. Their YouTube music videos are quite popular amongst the youth, all over the world. And today, we are up with some of their best heart-winning songs.

“TT” The song is one of the most viewed songs of Twice on the digital platform. The song has garnered over 530million views so far. And what we love more in this song is the collaboration and coordination amongst the girls of the group. The visuals are extremely thrilling and engaging to watch and those talented girls with gorgeous faces are just adding the honey to the pancakes. If you haven’t the music video yet, watch it right away.

“Likey” This pretty and cute song is absolutely heart-winning. We are loving how cute the girls are looking. Especially we are loving the colour and contrasts in the video too. It’s a perfect teenager song, but everyone can enjoy it whatsoever because it is absolutely worth it. Don’t forget to check the video above! And let us know in the comments below if you think Twice is the best, South Korean girl group.

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