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Read to know true and shocking secrets of Prajakta Koli

The True And Shocking Secrets Of Prajakta Koli

Prajakta Koli aka Mostly Sane, the most popular Indian YouTuber, who got acclamation all over the internet for her terrific comic skills. She is also a brilliant actress, who has continuously wowed us with her grand characters online. We love to watch her in different avatars altogether. The girl has inspired us to the core and made us believe in the miracles! But she too has some of the shocking secrets of her own to herself, but thanks to Femina for coming with an amazing interview that allowed us to collect it all just for you!

In an interview with Femina, Mostly Sane talked about herself in details, and we so find it intriguing and engaging. And while scrolling down the interview, we got to know some of the facts and secrets about the YouTuber. Here is what she said when she was asked to tell something about herself, “I grew up with a singular dream—to become a radio jockey. I did fulfil this dream, but I failed at it. YouTube was there to catch me when I fell.” She added, “I never threw tantrums as a kid. My mother wonders what went wrong with me later though (laughs). I was a very obedient, well-behaved and an above-average child.”

When she was asked about her journey as an RJ, she said, “That was the only plan. I remember I was in Class VI when I decided that I wanted to become an RJ. You know how in school sometimes teachers would ask the class about future plans? My classmates would say things like they wanted to be astronauts and engineers, and I would be the only one saying that I wanted to be a radio jockey. I grew up listening to a lot of radio because my parents love music. My grandparents also had a quaint radio at home. I just love the medium; I love the fact that you can go on air and just talk about things and people would listen to you. Growing up, I also realised that I had limited skills when it came to academics (laughs). But I loved languages and I was always in the college theatre committee and participated in debates. So, I knew I could speak well.” She added, “In my head, I was a very good radio jockey, but when my show went on air, I knew that it was quite pathetic. I wondered why they even given me a show. I would mentally tune out of it. It’s a difficult medium to crack because there are so many barriers.”

When asked about her channel’s name, she said, “Many people think there’s a profound explanation for this, but honestly it was the only thing I could come up with. But now I kind of like it; it makes more sense now than it did back then.”

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