Tanuj Virwani is one of the most popular and talented names in the OTT entertainment industry. The actor has done some phenomenal work in the recent past and needless to say, he has been the go-to face for many popular OTT projects. The actor is best known for his role of Vayu Raghavan in Inside Edge series and with every new season, the excitement only gets bigger and better.

Inside Edge Season 3 has so far been received wonderfully by the audience and needless to say, once again, the ‘man of the moment’ is Tanuj. During an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz, when Tanuj was asked about how different it was playing Test cricket compared to playing limited overs T20 cricket in the earlier seasons, the actor was quoted as saying,

“Unlike other seasons, playing Test cricket in Inside Edge 3 was challenging. I am not just saying it for the sake of it but I really mean it. The bowlers who you see bowling in the show are professional players. At times the scenes would get so competitive that they will forget that it’s not a real game and that we are shooting. Sometimes, the ball would just zip past you so fast that you wouldn’t even see it. Add to that, in a real cricket game you can play the shots according to merit but here, you have to control your instincts as per the nature of the script. I mean for a cricket buff like me playing the sport in his terrace who loves to whack the ball hard whenever given an opportunity, it was really tough. But as always, I loved it.”

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