Sreejita De talks about her new web-series, Untouchables.

Untouchables does not follow the normal bold template and deals with emotions – Sreejita De

Are TV actors deserting the tube for web? Well, Sreejita De, who is playing the lead role in the Vikram Bhatt-produced web series, Untouchables, seems to be part of this growing tribe.

“Web gives you much more freedom. There are no limitations on the use of English language. Also, the shooting style is natural, unlike TV, where the camera is focused on the tears rolling down your face,” says Sreejita.

Sreejita had earned fame with small-screen shows such as Miley Jab Hum Tum, Uttaran, Piya Rangrezz etc.

Coming to Untouchables, she says, “My doctor character, moonlighting as an escort, makes you question social morals that put professionals on a pedestal and stigmatizes others. No one should be judged, hence the title. Natasha has her reasons for doing what she is doing, which will unravel over time, as the 15-episode series progresses.”

“One of the best things about Untouchables is that it does not follow the normal bold template of Vikram Bhatt; rather here he deals with emotions (directed by his daughter Krishna Bhatt). Also, for the first time, a desi web series has gone down the courtroom-drama road. Natasha is arrested for the murder of her client, right in the first episode,” she avers.

When asked about the jarring part, of her seen wearing clothes after getting up, while the dead client is shown partially nude, she says, “That will also be explained later. Just wait and watch.”

“It was also fun, working with Vikram Sir, who has acted in this series as well, in a very important character,” Sreejita adds.

Looking ahead, she is game for bold series as well, “Provided, the character should require such stuff. I don’t want to be part of just a strip-fest.”

She is hopeful that many people will buy all the episodes on the app, rather than waiting for the weekly YouTube stream. “18 bucks is no big deal. People spend around that much money just for a ciggi or cutting chai. Here, you can get 5 to 6 hours of entertainment for the same.”

In closing, Sreejita, last seen on TV in Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai, says, “While I do prefer doing web series, it all boils down to moolah. If a TV producer pays me a bomb, or if I land a limited series which is more realistic, I might come back to the small screen.”

Keep up the good work, Sreejita!!



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