Mini Mathur who is seen in Amazon Prime series, Mind The Malhotras gets into a conversation.

I would use botox if had to do an item number: Mini Mathur

Mini Mathur is elated at the super response her new Amazon Prime show, Mind The Malhotras, is eliciting.

Says Mini, “My Twitter timeline is full of people gushing about how natural I look and my comic timing.”

Talking about her character, she says, “I fully identify with Shefali as a modern wife and mother, but yes, we have tried to make it louder and more emphatic.”

“Although I loved the well-written script, there were certain parts that I did not find relevant. So I had a word with the creative and it was mutually decided to bring out a more filtered version that satisfied both our requirements.”

Looking ahead, anchor par excellence Mini (Tol Mol Ke Bol, Indian Idol and Yeh Shaam Mastani), who had ept her distance from acting until now, might do more fiction projects, “But only if I like the story. And yes, it has to be limited in nature.”

Prior to this, she had acted in a few TV shows, e.g. Vaqalat, years back. “But nothing appealed to me back then and I will never do anything just to fill my calendar. I anyways live a full life.”

We then shift gears to her much-talked-about taking down of a Twitter comment, i.e. the Botox thingy.

“Normally, I Ignore trolls; but this guy was a normal faceless Indian’s comment. Look, my point was simple, why should I use Botox when I am essaying a 38-year-old character? Had it been an item number that required titillation or playing a younger woman, then it’d be a different matter. Why would you want a mature character to look like someone who has just come out of college? No one cribs when you make a 28-year-old look like 65, by putting talcum powder in her hair.”

“Mind you, I am not a crusader against Botox. Use it if you need to look younger, for that also adds to the authenticity of the character.”

So what is your take on social media (SM)? Is it both a boon and a bane?

“The biggest plus for me is that SM gives you instant feedback. I still remember when I was anchoring Indian Idol 1. We had to depend on media and research to get what people were feeling about our work.”

“Having said that, my life does not depend on SM. I use Instagram to connect with family & friends, and Twitter for audience interactions and opinions. It is no big deal. If you don’t like it, leave it, period.”

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