Candid chat with Ansh Bagri

Viewers can expect lot of drama post leap: Ansh Bagri

Ansh Bagri, who is playing an aggressive and flamboyant character in Star Plus show, Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji, is quite sanguine about its low ratings.

“Even at 1, we are still the slot leaders for the 7.30 slot. So it means that we are doing something right and better than the competition, which is obviously lower than us. We had even touched 1.3 and fought off the IPL.”

“I will not say that numbers don’t matter, for better reach means more appreciation, which we actors always hanker for.”

“But again, there is nothing we actors can do about it. Your story needs to connect, and last but not least, Lady Luck also plays an important role.”

“So I’d rather look at the positive and hope that post leap, numbers will move north. Expect a lot of new drama and excitement.”

Talking about his character Rocky, who has huge anger issues, he says, “Many a time, situations unfold in such a way that you do lose your top, which is not right. But then you can’t do anything about it.”

“When faced with family or relationship hardships (getting dumped), you get quite miffed with God or society, which only judges without understanding where you come from. The system also overwhelms you, putting paid to your efforts, for example, in getting a passport or your parents’ pension.”

“I too have gone through hardships that made me very agitated, but then I learnt how to control my rage. And it’s not only me; everybody goes through similar emotions at some point in their lives, but yes, the degree of intensity might differ.”

“In hindsight, all I can say is that while this anger is justified, impulsive reactions never get you anywhere. They only worsen the situation. So the best thing would be to count to ten before just taking off.”

“While I have mellowed down, I bring out the intensity required by the scene. As a true blue actor, I have fully internalized him, gotten his mental framework. While the writers give me the lines, it is up to me to bring life into the character. I make it a point to incorporate the back story into whatever actions he takes, thereby making him more human and kinda justified.”

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