IWMBuzz reviews Aashram 3

Review Of Aashram 3 Review: A thumping show of unequal battles, manipulation and more

It’s been another thumping thriller season for Aashram, helmed by Prakash Jha. With Bobby Deol aviating right on the heights with an intimidating, spirited saga, the third season definitely promises a better setting, a reverberating plot, with untimely manipulations and unequal battles between the godman Baba Nirala and the victims of his frauds. What keeps you hooked to all the 10 long episodes is how Jha managed to enthral with his magical directorial skills throughout.

In addition, Esha Gupta’s sensual starrer in the seven-hour long series definitely gives you a subtle goosebump and kink. On the contrary, Tridha Choudhury remains extremely poised and is aware of her conscience, and also keeps her charm right up from the start.

The season 3 summons at a heavy top! With the godman’s censure plots, the CM Sunder Lal aka Anil Rastogi gets expelled by Hukum Singh. Hukum Singh remains hell-bound indebted to the Ashram, who moves on Baba Nirala’s orders. He isn’t at freedom to pick his own pastors.

However, in this season, Baba Nirala gets to deal with newer adversaries, Pammi and Akki. Pammi, who’s framed in charge of murdering her own father, is not entirely set in stone to dole out retributions with the man she once aimlessly revered.

But while it’s definitely a delusive, gluey series to watch, somewhere, Bobby Deol aka Baba Nirala’s charm seemed to have lost in the growing script. With limited screen space, even though Deol pulled up the series to romp on the viewers’ thirst, it still feels that the writer could have put some beats on the hook and not taste the loyal audience’s patience.

Coming to the setting, it’s to reckon with that Jha put on his brilliance once again, with thrilling settings, props and costumes. Right from, Baba Nirala’s regal royal avatar, which people find ‘sacred’, contrasts brilliantly with Nirala’s ‘dusky’ ‘rusty’ character in the movie. What got more intimidating with time is the BGM, with proper chill, suspense and tension, the music made the show a wholesome one.

Overall, it’s a must-watch sequel for the Aashram fans! Set to your settees and binge on!

IWMBuzz rates it 2.5 stars.