Stranger Things 2 is eerie and engaging…

Review:  Stranger Things 2 on Netflix

Stranger Things, a Netflix Original, has captured the imagination of web content aficionados in India. Promotional hoardings have piqued interest and swayed by popular notion, Stranger Things is the talked about thing in the digital space.

So, season 2 of the franchise is beaming and we did take a look at the episodes. It’s certainly a treat for those who have been waiting a while to know what happens to the life of hapless citizens of idyllic rural town of Hawkins after evil befall on them, courtesy of a supernatural attack on a top secret Uncle Sam experimental facility.

The setting in season 2 takes the story forward 10 months down the road.  Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbour) can’t fathom the reason for crop fields being burnt.  Interestingly, he  is keeping  Eleven, one of the main characters of season,  hidden in his house.

Will (Noah Schnapp), who unfortunately was cycling past the above top secret govt facility in season 1 when it was attacked by unknown force, is having episodes where he can see the evil. No one understands his agony and thinks that he is having post traumatic stress disorder following his uncanny disappearance and return.

In a sub plot, Nancy and her boyfriend Mike have not been able to overcome the horror that they killed Barb. The entry of Max, who beat the boys (four fun kids) in a video game, is mysterious and we sure want to unearth more about him.

The story is gripping, script is taunt, and the performances keep you hooked. Winona Ryder, who plays Will’s mother Joyce, is apt, the fear of losing a loved one is clearly visible in her eyes.

As the plot gradually progresses, layers deepen and eventually one can witness what hell Hawkins eventually endure. The terror spreads to Pittsburgh, where another criminal gang girl has psychic powers.

This best part of web horror is that there is not much blood and gore, yet the fear of the unknown pervades all over.  The music is eerie and the cinematography of the horror episodes gives you goosebumps.  The Halloween setting is perfect for the genre.  Hope some of our desi horror content makers learn a thing or two.  We will not be surprised if a desi remake of  Stranger Things is on the cards. We need to use their technical and story board idea but use our huge mytho base for inspiration.

On the down side, people who have not watched season 1 will not really be able to connect.  You are left gaping who and why.   The screenplay should have had more explanations of the past.

All in all a good watch if you like thrills and chills. We would rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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