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Close friends Rubina and Jasmin reveal their disappointment in Jaan Kumar Sanu in Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14: Close friends Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin DISAPPOINTED with Jaan Kumar Sanu

The tides are always turning in the ever-changing Bigg Boss house, with the latest development being the bitter divide between Jaan Kumar Sanu and dear friends Rubina Dilaik, Jasmin Bhasin and Abhinav Shukla. In a 24*7 livestream clip on Voot Select, we can see the three feeling very agitated and hurt by Jaan’s accusations against them, as well his inability to listen to people who genuinely care about him.

In a heated conversation with Jasmine and Abhinav, Rubina expressed her hurt feelings by saying, “ Hum irritants lage, ke tum gyan kyun de rahe ho? Meri salah meri irritation ban gayi, imagine! Logon ko dikh raha hai, how irritating I am. Maine bhi kab usko bola? That you go up against her? Maine Nikki ke against usko kabhi kuch nahi bola. I literally cried for him aur isko laga faayda uthaya? Wow. Koi insaan genuinely kiski ke dukh par rota hai, aur isse lagata hai faayda uthaya hai.”

Jasmine added to the fire, highlighting his lack of independence as a player in the house by saying, “ Hum bitchy lage! Maine toh kisi ko gyaan hi nahi dena, mujhe koi gaalat lagega, mujhe bol dena, khatam. Isse liye, maine toh kabhi ganda bola hi nahi. Woh basically kamzor hai. Jahan dekhta hai zyaada power hai, usse taraf jhuk jata hai. Bachna toh sabko hai, but aise nahi. Usne aapke vulnerable moment ka faayda uthaya hai.”

It’s evident that Jaan is not a solo player, and his constantly changing stance in the Bigg Boss house is affecting his friendships. Do you think they will be able to mend fences? Tune in to the Bigg Boss 14 24*7 Livestream on Voot Select to find out more!

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