In an era of engaging web entertainment, industry leader Spotify seems to be rolling the right dice of innovation. Gangistan, Spotify’s original podcast is a consequential, pivotal crime drama. It is committed to giving you a adrenaline rush with real-life stories of gangsters in Mumbai. The episodes are wrapped in 15-20 minutes brainteaser composition and creativity.  Limned by Pratik Gandhi,Saiyami Kher and Dayashankar Panday, the series turns on Aashu Patel’s true written segments. Gangistan is directed by Siddhanta Pinto and Heer Khant is the creative producer.

The perplexed, anecdotal narrative revolves around a veracious and sometimes brusque journalist, Aashu Patel aka Pratik Gandhi. He carries out to unwind the dim snare of Mumbai’s underworld and their crimes, whose sources are ‘Saiyami Kher’ aka ‘Shivani Sawant’ the encounter cop and ‘Dayashankar Panday’ aka Pappu, who appears to be a ‘ghost’ in the story (quite intriguing). And with the counting numbers of scenes and episodes, the gradual elevation of the story, the listeners go immersed with the constant conundrum play of thesis and antithesis; in short, a perfect ‘treat’ to your conscience and ears.

Before we further discuss the narrative, a crisp rundown of 5 elements that would propel you to listen to the podcast-

  1. It’s a ghost that unravels the secrets of Mumbai underworld. 

The ghost, Pappu, who has been a small-time goon, got killed at an encounter, actually unravels the dark secrets of the Mumbai underworld. However, while it might sound a bit absurd, like Aashu says in the podcast “Sources are always ghosts” (cheeky, indeed).

  1. The Music

While it’s not just the thrilling voiceovers, but the music that accentuates the tension, the perplex in you. Composer Anant Krishnan has worked intricately to give you the murky spark underneath your skin.

  1. A True Story

Films, web series, there have been an array of options for stories based on gangsters, but this one happens to be based on true, factual ‘News Paper reports and columns’ written by Aashu Patel, an author, a journalist from Gujarat.

  1. It’s Not Just A Recording!

As Pratik Gandhi said in an interview, “What’s cool is that while recording it with the team, we did not just stand in front of the mic and speak. We recreated situations from the script, for example, a hospital scene with Saiyami lying down in the studio and me sitting next to her or some of the encounter scenes where the actors ran across the studio.” So, a true scenario where effort leads to results.

  1. The Director Offers You A Free Mind!

While we all know it’s mostly the director’s perspective we watch on screen or even series like these, but this one stands out, for it lets you create your interpretation.

Coming back to the story, the series has got a compilation of anecdotes assembled. As Panday aka Pappu narrates the incidents, unveiling the names and their rise, these are what we learn of the Mumbai underworld:

The Rise of Gangwars, 1993 Bombay Bombings insights, history of A-listers gangsters in Mumbai, veiled under Kazi, Haider, Bashir and others. But it’s not just Bombay Bombings that we come across within this heart-chilling podcast, but also some notorious Bombay dons and their gangs, given their malicious operations impacting the lives of people in Bombay. What’s more, the series, however glorified none of it, which we usually witness in movies on the forefront.

We also learn about the underworld’s obsession with Bollywood actresses; though the writer tactfully veiled the real names, as a listener you will pick up hints to connect the dots. A perfect blend of realism and fiction.

Final Thoughts

Spotify’s Gangistan is a revelation in the space of digital entertainment and a commendable attempt to weave a story that is entertaining and compelling. The series is an ideal blend of mystery and dark secrets; touched with romanticism, delusions and deliriums within the characters. It gives us a balanced perspective from Pappu Takla, Aashu Patel and Shivani Sawant, while we get to reminisce about the untold history of Bombay and its underworld. The audio series makes sure that you keep glued with your headphones on and focus on the details, wrapped up tactfully in years and vicissitudes, yet not revealing the real names. What’s more, the cynical, mystic treatments of voices and situations certainly give us a flash of each in front of our eyes. In short, the series gives you what it has committed, provided with terrific, staggering performances led by Pratik Gandhi, Dayashankar Panday and Shivani Sawant. If you haven’t spared your time on this riveting podcast helmed on the lives of Mumbai Gangsters, it’s a must for you!

We would rate it 4 out of 5 stars. A perfect binge listen experience for your weekend.

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