Ninad Kamat will be seen in the cast of the Hansal Mehta-helmed Applause Entertainment series Gandhi. The series is being shot presently. Read this newsbreak here at

Exclusive: Ninad Kamat to feature in Applause Entertainment’s Gandhi helmed by Hansal Mehta

Actor Ninad Kamat who was recently seen in the Netflix film Friday Night Plan, has bagged a meaty role in the Applause Entertainment-helmed series Gandhi. The series is helmed by Director Hansal Mehta. The series is based on historian and author Ramachandra Guha’s two books — “Gandhi before India” and “Gandhi: The Years that Changed the World”. The series will tell the story of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and times, in the same vein The Crown told the story of the British royals.

The series will star Pratik Gandhi as Mahatma Gandhi. It marks the director-actor duo’s third collaboration after Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story and Baai. As per media reports, Siddhartha Basu is attached as a historical consultant, factual advisor and creative consultant on the project.

Recently, Applause Entertainment made an announcement of the series as it went on floor. In a press note, Applause said the epic series, which will capture the life and times of Gandhi, is an international production and will be shot at various Indian and foreign locations.

We at recently reported about actor Muni Jha being part of the project. If you have missed reading it, you can check it here.

Exclusive: Muni Jha joins the cast of Applause Entertainment’s Gandhi helmed by Hansal Mehta

We now hear of Ninad Kamat playing a very pivotal role in the series.

We buzzed Ninad, but did not get through to him.

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