SonyLIV is set to stream an exclusive series helmed by Hansal Mehta based on RK Yadav’s book Mission R&AW. The show is produced by Almighty Motion Pictures and has been adapted for the screen by Karan Vyas.

The show will trace the journey and exploits of Rameshwar Nath Kao, the first Chief of R&AW, in the wake of escalating turmoil with Pakistan. The show will also showcase covert intelligence operations and how several of these strategies and actions have shaped the geopolitics of our region.

Hansal Mehta, creator and showrunner says, “As a storyteller, my endeavour has always been to bring alive stories and explore ordinary people and their extraordinary actions. These are the men who have cemented our political and military history. Rameshwar Nath Kao was known to be a genius, about whom very little is known. I am thrilled to explore his story with the talented Karan Vyas and SonyLIV, who are such terrific partners. I am looking forward to kick-start the project soon.”