Is Mr. Controversy Faisu the right candidate for Bigg Boss? Read here

Mr. Controversy Faisu: The best Bigg Boss candidate

TikTok star Faisu is now a controversy king!

The young lad hit a roadblock after one of his videos hit controversy. The video was uploaded on the social media app Tiktok by Faisu, Hasnain, Faiz and Sadhan (Saddu). In two videos the whole gang that goes with the name ‘Team 07’ is seen enacting a message that says, “Innocent Tabrez was killed, but if Tabrez’s son grows up and takes revenge then Muslims shouldn’t be termed as terrorists.” Later, Faisu and gang apologized for their actions and went on to apologize for the act. Post that, his TikTok account got suspended.

Post all the hullaballoo, everyone wondered where was Faisu. He was in London. Post the controversy his video was also pulled down from YouTube.

Well, we think Faisu is the perfect candidate for Bigg Boss this season! His immense fan following will also help him to reach the top 3 list.

What do you think is Faisu the right candidate for Bigg Boss?

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