Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman, who are also known as the ‘evil twins’, are coming back together after a long time with a new reality show on Amazon Prime, named ‘Skulls Vs Roses’. The duo shot to fame and became a rage with the hit show ‘Roadies’ and since then they have definitely gone forward to become youth sensations in their own right.

‘Skulls and Roses’ happens to be Amazon Prime’s fourth reality series from India. The youth-centric reality series is aiming to diminish the fine line between romantic reality shows and adventure reality shows, to take the contestants through a joyous yet filled-with-adventure ride. When IWMBuzz got in touch with the duo of Raghu-Rajiv to get a comment, they were quoted as saying,

“I believe Amazon Prime will soon launch a press release regarding the show and our feelings on the same. But as of now, what we can say is fans are definitely excited to see us back after a long time. On social media, people who love and hate us both were wondering where we had disappeared. So it’s good to be back after long and doing what we love doing the most. We are extremely excited about this, so whoever had been missing us, you better get ready for us.”

Well, here’s wishing the lovely and dynamic duo of Raghu-Rajiv all the best for their new show ‘Skulls Vs Roses’. It’s slated to premiere on Amazon Prime on 30th August 2019.

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