TVF has produced yet another gem which had us instantly hooked. Here are all the reasons why Kota Factory should be next on your To-Watch list

All the reasons to watch TVF’s Kota Factory

The Viral Fever (TVF) has done it again. This time with their latest offering ‘Kota Factory’ which released just last month and has already gained much accolades from the critics and audience alike. Safe to say, TVF never disappoints the millennials.

The TVF original series depicts the lives of students trying to make it into India’s premier institution, IIT. It is mostly centered on a student named Vaibhav who moves to Kota, the hub of coaching centers, to attend classes in the hopes to crack JEE exams.
All the reasons to watch TVF's Kota Factory
With a stellar cast that includes Jitendra Kumar, Ahsaas Channa and Mayur More, Kota Factory impresses with its gripping storyline and amazing performances.
Now if you’re one of those looking for reasons to watch it, these reasons should be enough to convince you to give this web series a try;

Its India’s first black and white web series. That’s right! The whole show is void of colors yet keeps you hooked from the get go. The lack of colors represents the monotony and dull life of the students as they navigate the pressures of competitive exams. An interesting take, surely!

The storyline is real and something we all can relate. The struggles and pressures that Indian students face to top an exam or prepare for an entrance exam are depicted in the most real and honest way in the series. We feel for the students because we have all been through that.
All the reasons to watch TVF's Kota Factory 1
It also tells you how one should take on their situation and make the best out of it instead of cribbing endlessly. The protagonist shows you it’s important to accept yourself and what you are capable of.

Kota Factory got rave reviews for its writing as well and after watching it you will know why. Some of best dialogues are:

“Galat dikhate hai filmo mei,ki ratt ratt ke kissi ka ho rha hai selection.IIT mei Chatur ni jaate,Sirf Rancho jaate hai!Three Idiots dekhi hai na?”
“Maa baap ke decision shayad galat ho sakte hai par unki niyat kabhi galat nhi hoti”
All the reasons to watch TVF's Kota Factory 2
Now, if these aren’t enough reasons for you, watch it for the amazing Jeetu Bhaiyya aka Jitendra Kumar who plays the role of an ideal teacher, always motivating and encouraging his students.

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