Tejkaran Singh Bajaj announces his exit from Zee5

It’s time to move on, says Tejkaran Singh Bajaj

The OTT space in India is growing at a rapid space and one individual who has shaped the initial content framework is dynamic Tejkaran Singh Bajaj.

Tej, as lovingly called my many, is humble with words and ambitious in heart. At Zee5, heading the content wing, he and his team churned out some of the finest web shows streaming today, making the platform as vibrant as any other.

Now, the maverick has decided to move on. He put up a nostalgic post on social media, announcing his exit and also sharing the strong professional and personal bond he shared at Zee5.

It’s time to move on, says Tejkaran Singh Bajaj

Our sources mention that he will move on to greener pastures, however, confirmed details are yet to trickle in.

Prior joining Zee5, Tejkaran was part of Maxus, Miditech and NDTV.

We wish him luck and success for his future endeavour.

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