We know, these are the times, when girls get to go extra aware of how they look, and it’s absolutely normal and obvious to be so. So, today, we are up with some tips by Avneet Kaur and Ashi Singh for teen girls. It’s time that you ace your style like these two beauties in this era of 2020.

1. Avneet Kaur :-

Dungarees- Dungarees are great for teenagers, it looks super cute and classy. In above pic, Avneet is wearing a super cool dungaree over a white crop top, that she accessorised a cool pair of shades, which is adding that extra sombre to the outfit. One can definitely try this look now and then.

Yellow and Purple- One of the best colour combination for the teens. It gives that extra charm altogether. In this pic Avneet hair paired cool purple tank top and yellow skirt, her hairstyle looks super cute.

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2. Ashi Singh

Formal game- During those grand school or college events, when you are instructed to wear formal, and you completely go clueless how to style it, well, this is how you can do it exactly. Ashi is wearing a mustard-coloured suit, a blazer and pants, she is wearing a black top under, which is looking grand with the mustard coloured blazer. Her hairstyle is looking super stylish, and moreover drawing more attention to it. Check it out!

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Holidays- Every time your parents plan for a holiday, you definitely go and wonder what to carry along, to temp up to your holiday style. Well, worry no more, this Ashi look would solve your problems. You just need a cool hat, a beautiful embroidered white crop top and denim hot pants, perfect for beach holidays! Isn’t it?

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